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The Beverly backpack is made from our Tekno-Fabric®.

The bag is equipped with shoulder straps, which make it comfortable to wear even for prolonged periods thanks to its lightness.

The minimalist and contemporary design makes it suitable for multiple occasions, from the study to the office, from free time to sporting activities. Thanks to its small size, it is easy to carry and is equipped with a back pocket to organize personal items.

• Gold-colored finishes
• Two front pockets
• Adjustable logoed shoulder straps
• Magnetic closure
• L 29cm x H 32cm x D 14cm

Tekno Fabric : The Revolution in the World of Bags

Product Description :

Tekno Fabric represents an innovative breakthrough in the field of bag materials. This advanced material combines the strength and structure of a high-quality fabric with the lightness and softness of a feather.

Main features :

  1. Full-bodied but Soft : Despite its robust structure, Tekno Fabric offers surprising softness, ensuring comfort and pleasantness to the touch.
  2. Extraordinary Lightness : One of the most distinctive characteristics of this material is its incredible lightness. A bag made with Tekno Fabric can weigh up to 80% less than a traditional bag, making it extremely comfortable to carry for long days or trips.
  3. Versatility : Thanks to its unique combination of strength and lightness, Tekno Fabric makes the bag extremely versatile. It is suitable for daily use, for work, for leisure or for travel, adapting to the different needs of those who use it.
  4. Practicality : In addition to its lightness and versatility, Tekno Fabric is also a practical and functional material. It is resistant to wear and stains, and can be easily washed. A delicate wash at 30° in a bag is enough to keep the bag clean and in perfect condition.
  5. Eco-friendly : Tekno Fabric is also a sustainable choice. Designed to last, it reduces the need to frequently replace bags, helping to reduce environmental impact.

Conclusion :

Tekno Fabric is not just a material, but a real revolution in the world of bags. With its unique combination of lightness, robustness and practicality, it allows you to have a bag that is not only aesthetically beautiful, but also functional and suitable to satisfy anyone's needs. Choosing a bag made with Tekno Fabric means investing in a high quality, comfortable, versatile and sustainable product.

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