About us

La Fille des Fleurs is a brand born in 2010 thanks to the skill of expert Italian craftsmen with a single objective: to create high quality garments destined to last over time.

Our garments, accessories and footwear are designed with the hope of becoming faithful companions in the wearer's wardrobe for many years. Every season, we adapt them to current trends, making them timeless but always modern.

Today we are present in over 300 boutiques and continue to grow, expanding throughout the world. From our motherland, Italy, we have arrived in Spain, Mexico, the United States of America, Japan and South Korea.

We thank all of you for being part of this community that is growing more and more, with the aim of reaching every corner of the world.

Our philosophy is based on craftsmanship. We are committed to following a responsible supply chain, moving away from fast fashion and valuing craftsmanship. We create our collections responsibly, putting craftsmanship and the quality of materials at the forefront. We are always attentive to research and experimentation with volumes, materials and architectural lines with a minimalist and modern aesthetic.

A philosophy that combines excellence, quality, modernity and comfort. Iconic pieces of style, which we interpret through subtle details and practical materials, to always make our garments contemporary.

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