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The Anita Intrecciato is an iconic backpack-bag from La Fille Des Fleurs, it has just been renewed with small details that have lightened its weight and made it more comfortable and durable over time.

This bag has been chosen and used over time by many celebrities, becoming a true symbol of style and elegance.

The Production Process of the Weaving of Our Bag

We are excited to share with you the details of the braided production process that makes our new bag unique. Each step is performed with extreme care and precision, combining traditional techniques and innovation to create a high quality product.

1. Selection of Materials

The process begins with the selection of materials. We use high quality fibres, chosen for their strength and durability. These materials not only ensure the sturdiness of the final product, but also give it an elegant and sophisticated look.

2. Preparation of the Fibers

The selected fibers are cut into thin, uniform strips. This phase is crucial to guarantee a homogeneous and resistant braid. The strips are then treated with special coatings which improve their flexibility and durability over time.

3. Manual weaving

The heart of our production process is manual weaving. Skilled craftsmen weave the strips of material with precision, creating the distinctive pattern that distinguishes our bag. This work requires a lot of patience and great attention to detail to ensure that every weave is perfect.

4. Assembling the Bag

Once the braiding is complete, the material is assembled to form the structure of the bag. The parts are cut and sewn together with high precision machinery, ensuring strong and durable seams.

5. Application of Accessories

The bag is then enriched with high quality accessories. The zips and metal details are finished in silver to add a touch of elegance. The logoed shoulder straps are carefully sewn to ensure comfort and resistance.

6. Quality Control

Each bag undergoes rigorous quality controls. We check the resistance of the braid, the precision of the stitching and the functionality of the zips and accessories. Only bags that pass these checks are approved for sale.

7. Packaging and Shipping

Finally, the bags are packaged with protective materials to ensure their integrity during transport. They are then ready to be shipped to our customers, who will thus be able to enjoy an exclusive, high-quality product.


The manufacturing process of our woven bag is an example of craftsmanship and dedication. Each bag is the result of hours of meticulous work, designed to offer you an accessory that combines functionality and style impeccably. Discover our new bag today and be fascinated by the beauty of its woven design!

Height 37 cm.
Base width 31 cm.
Base depth 12 cm.

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